2023 LMTE Scholarship

Here are some past winners!



Three Standard Selection Criteria: All applicants are evaluated by at least two judges based on the following three standard criteria:

    • i) Academic Achievement: Must currently have a 2.5 GPA or higher and be a High School Senior. This is based on your academic transcript, and by testimony to your scholarly excellence that is provided by a letter of recommendation by a teacher.
    • ii) Video Essay: Each applicant must send us a link to a video at least 1-3 minutes long.
    • iii) Recognized Contribution to the Community: This is based on information provided by your letter of recommendation, plus any reinforcing narrative you provide in your video essay.

Application Tips & Info

All students who apply to the LMTE Scholarship will submit a 1 - 3 minute video essay on who you are as a person now and where you see yourself in the future. In recording and submitting your video essay, follow these guidelines:

  1. Video submission length should be more than one minute and no longer than three minutes.
  2. Make sure to state your name and school you are planning on attending next fall.
  3. Be yourself while giving us insight into your best self. We want to learn about the real you as well as the person you aspire to become.
  4. We truly want to see your personality. Be amply prepared, but do your best to not simply read your paper in your video.
  5. Choose a suitable, quiet place that enables your presence to be seen and voice to be heard.
  6. Examine the quality of your video essay, asking trusted mentors for critique and counsel, before submitting it. Ensure that the essay reflects your very best work.
  7. While we appreciate video quality so that we are able to adequately hear and see you, you will be assessed by the content of your video, not special effects through advanced videography.
  8. Applications are due by 11:59 pm April 30th 2023. We recommend students submit their applications on the previous business day in case you have questions concerning submission.
  9. Submit the video to us via a Vimeo, Youtube or Wetransfer link sent to mygalleryisoutside@gmail.com along with 2 documents: a Digital (PDF or WORD) letter of recommendation from a teacher and your academic transcript or proof of 2.5 GPA. 


The scholarship amount is $2,500, in the event we have 2 winners the money will be evenly split. Each winner will receive $1,250 a piece.

If you have any further questions please contact us through the form below. Thank you and good luck!